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Blake Lively
"I come from a Southern family, so my taste leans more towards butter and sugar than veggies. Then a few years ago, I had a juice that changed it all for me!"
Jason Bateman
"I am ruled by my juicer. Anything green that's not nailed down ends up being juiced. If my wife is right and you are what you eat, I'd rather be lean and green than hot and beefy."
Michelle Williams
"I'm obsessed with any and all green juices. I can't think of anything this easy to do that makes me feel this good."
Kristen Bell
"I have a big garden and throw in whatever is in season. Having fresh juices is mandatory for me - it is a part of my regular diet."
Edward Norton
"Juicing was the beginning of my deeper understanding of nutrition. The older I get, the more aware I am of how unhealthy most of what passes for food in our culture has become."
Hillary Swank
"I juice a wide array of fruits and vegetables according to what I feel my body needs at the time, from spinach to beets."
Michael C. Hall
"Whether I am aiming to regain strength and energy after six months of chemotherapy, fortify myself during a grueling shooting schedule, or give myself an easy and effective gift of general self-care, juicing is a fundamental tool."
Martha Stewart
"Several years ago I started a personal juicing program, which has had a profound effect on maintaining high energy levels, clear skin, and fast-growing, healthy hair."
Laura Linney
"If I am on Broadway and feel a little under the weather or sluggish, I have a Fighter Cider before every show; it has become a staple of my preshow ritual."
Debra Messing
"I am relatively new to juicing, and I
can honestly say the difference I feel is HUGE. Every morning on set I have my
'green' drink!"
Naomi Watts
"I feel like I'm being rewarded with every sip, especially with the green juices, and watching my children drink all those greens is the greatest feeling, knowing they are consuming all the right nutrients."

about the book

Whether you’re a juicing pro or just juice curious, The Juice Generation is your field guide into the world of healthy juicing. With nutritional tips, buying guides, and 100 revitalizing recipes, you’ll have all you need to ride the green curve to glowing skin, a healthy body, and a clearer mind.
ERIC HELMS, AUTHOR Juicing puts the power of the pharmacy in the palm of your hand.

the green curve

  1. Master the basics in just 5-7 minutes each morning, and replace one caffeinated drink and one snack with a simple blended juice.

  2. Explore a wider range of flavors and colors, including coconuts, hemp, and açai. Drop the sugary, salty snack foods for a serious energy lift.

  3. This final phase includes fresh, homemade nut milks and deeply nourishing ingredients. Strategize your juices and smoothies to detox and balance.

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