Juice Generation is New York’s premier juice bar. We've been independently owned and operated since 1999. Thousands of New Yorkers pour into our stores for their daily fix, from must-have juices and smoothies to fresh, ready-to-go meals. They’re part of a growing movement of people who believe, as we do, that healthy living can be accessible to everyone—and that the key to a sustainable lifestyle is good habits that stick.

We make it our priority to find the healthiest ingredients—from the best sources. That means we emphasize locally grown, organic produce and support small farms and orchards. We build environmental practices into the way we do business,  and we “give back” in ways that help our surrounding communities thrive. As part of our commitment to 1% for the Planet, we donate a portion of every single sale to causes we really care about, including Harlem Grown and Catskill Animal Sanctuary. This means that part of the sale of every single juice, smoothie, or snack you buy at Juice Generation is going right back into the community.

As the leader and trendsetter in the juicing industry, we’ve made a name for ourselves on a national scale. We’ve been covered everywhere, from the Wall Street Journal to US Weekly to Glamour magazine, and from the Today show and Good Morning America to CBS Sunday Morning and The ViewNew York Times critics and contributors Frank Bruni and Ruth Reichl have both sung the praises of our juices as part of their daily regimen, and A-listers like Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul McCartney, and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted sipping our juices around town.

In 2014, Juice Generation founder Eric Helms published the bestselling book, The Juice Generation: 100 Recipes for Fresh Juices and Superfood Smoothies. This comprehensive juicing field guide provides all the tools and tips you need to start making juices and smoothies right at home. You can Blend it Yourself—or have Juice Generation come to you! We ship our products anywhere in the U.S. and deliver our famous cold-pressed juices right to your door.
Whether you come by one of our stores, try our recipes at home, read about us, or consider joining our team, we hope that we can help inspire you to live a healthier, more vital, more sustainable life. We believe that juicing and living clean should be accessible to everyone; that’s our goal. As founder Eric Helms says, “This is about more than changing your eating habits, it’s about changing your life. And it’s easier than you think.”