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100 Recipes for Fresh Juices and Superfood Smoothies. Whether you’re a juicing pro or just juice curious, The Juice Generation is your field guide into the world of healthy juicing. With nutritional tips, buying guides, and 100 revitalizing recipes, you’ll have all you need to ride the green curve to glowing skin, a healthy body, and a clearer mind.

The Juice Generation
is like the bible of juicing at home,
with much prettier pictures.

Drinks to get you gorgeous! If it’s glowing
skin you’re after, these nutrient-packed
recipes are a great place to start!

Paperback $20



From one of America’s foremost and pioneering juicing companies comes a beautifully illustrated guide to creating restorative and energizing juices and smoothies; as well as preparing nutrition-rich, blended superfoods.

Welcome to the Juice Generation! Refresh, Restore, and Rejuvenate. Get ready to live juicy with The Juice Generation. Fresh juices and superfood smoothies will help you feel energized and invigorated with glowing skin and a clear mind. The revitalizing recipes and tips will make you feel lighter and brighter, inside and out.

Juicing puts the power of the pharmacy in the palm of your hand.” –ERIC HELMS, FOUNDER


Blake Lively
Jason Bateman
Michelle Williams
Kristen Bell
Laura Linney
Martha Stewart
Edward Norton
Naomi Watts


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  1. There are plenty of books on juicing out there, but The Juice Generation is probably the most beautiful and accessible that I've read so far. The layout is what really sets this book apart from others as the nutritional information is presented in a clear way without the reader feeling bogged down with facts, as is the tendency with writings on this subject.
    The author eases you into the world of juicing by breaking it up into a plan of three phases. The first phase introduces you to easy recipes with familiar fruits and veggies an even includes choices to make with your blender if you haven't committed to buying a juicer yet. Each subsequent phase adds in more produce and supplements and leads you up to juice cleanses when you're ready.

    The pictures throughout are gorgeous and there are also testimonials from avid juicers. The only drawback for me was the namedropping of celebrities, but it didn't detract that much from the text. The Juice Generation will definitely reside in my healthy eating library.
    Review via Amazon

  2. If you want a few recipes to throw in a juicer in order to make yourself feel better about binge-ing on potato chips and Haagen-Dazs the last five nights, look elsewhere. If you don't care enough about what you eat to read a few lines of text and perhaps feel inspired toward what you are creating (and forgot the utility of a gift receipt), don't pick this up.

    If instead you are truly interested in how a unique institution's efforts can be transformed into a powerful additive to enhance your diet, and you can bear a few stylistic embellishments that may detract from frank readability, grab this book. Just have the right expectations. This is a compilation by someone truly involved in the practice (art?) of making delicious, wholesome juice. The recipes are excellent, and if you happen to visit New York City any time soon, you may be fortunate enough to try them right in the store. This book is not meant as a quick binder-reference. It's about slowing down, thinking about what you eat, and enjoying a few sips of something truly good.
    Review via Amazon

  3. Enjoy the combination of juices.
    Review via Amazon

  4. A little boring, but good and simple recipes, was hoping for more weight lost tips. Sadly it did not any.
    Review via Amazon