"Feeling well is a commitment you make to yourself—and it's worth it."

Dennis Goodman, MD, FACP, FACC, FCCP, ABIHM has been consistently named one of New York’s top doctors by the New York Times and New York Magazine, and is the author of Magnificent Magnesium: Your Essential Key to a Healthy Heart and More. Board-certified in cardiology, internal medicine, integrative medicine, and cholesterol management, he focuses on prevention, early detection, and treatment of cardiovascular disease with an integrative approach for optimal patient health care. Dr. Goodman served as Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California. He then worked at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine before he 
moved to New York where he is currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine in the division of Cardiology and Preventative Medicine and Director of Integrative Medicine at NYU. Dr. Goodman is a national and international speaker, a visiting professor in South Africa, Asia, and Europe, and contributes widely in the media, with appearances on Fox, ABC, NBC, and WPIX. He was also a talk show host and is a frequent guest on Sirius Doctor Radio. 

As a western-trained cardiologist with an integrated and holistic approach, I believe prevention is of utmost importance—not just for heart health, but total health. And it isn’t about a prescription or a quick fix. True wellness comes from the five pillars of health: nutrition, exercise and flexibility, stress management, sleep, and community involvement (the best way to lift your spirits is to lift someone else's). Our medical system is not set up to sustain the kind of support we as individuals really need to achieve real wellness. The burden of that lies with us—and requires time and effort."

I get up, drink a protein smoothie, and am in spin class by 7 a.m. three days a week. I alternate that with weight lifting, flexibility training, and yoga. Morning exercise and meditation are key. You have to stay balanced in order to manage the rest of your life. I always tell my patients that wellness is not the absence of disease. Feeling well doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a lifelong commitment you make to yourself—and it’s well worth it.

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