"Fitness isn't a workout; it's a 360-degree approach to a healthy lifestyle." - Anna Kaiser

Anna Kaiser is a celebrated fitness authority and elite personal trainer with a background in professional dance and sports medicine. She is the founder of AKT, fad-free, lifestyle focused fitness studios in NYC, East Hampton, and Connecticut—each of which has become a community-minded mecca for movement. She’s been featured in Vogue, Self, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Cosmo, Town & Country, People, Shape, Marie Claire, Seventeen and Health, among others, and has been a guest on The Dr. Oz Show and Good Morning America. Her natural enthusiasm, terrific sense of humor, and reputation for results quickly made her the preferred trainer of such celebrities as Kelly Ripa, Shakira, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Fitness isn’t a workout—it’s a 360 degree approach to a healthy lifestyle. It’s everything from the workout to nutrition to proper recovery. It’s learning to give yourself a day off to interact with a really fun community that supports your lifestyle. That community makes it easier for you to keep it up on a daily basis and makes your fitness a long-term solution instead of a short-term answer.”

“I love working out first thing in the morning to get all that extra energy and stress worked out of my body and rev up my endorphins. It gets me focused, motivated, and energized for the rest of the day. And then it’s out of the way! Plus, I make plans to workout with friends so we start the day off with some much needed endorphins and catch up time."

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